Day at the beach – Clash Royale Game

The day was warm and muggy; it was the perfect weather to go to the beach. The water was clear and a rich, deep blue in colour. Not a patch of seaweed in sight. The fine white sand is burning your feet as you hear the sound of the waves crashing and the cool sea breeze brushing by. I take a deep breath of fresh air and look at the surroundings of people soaking in the sun waiting to get in the water. After a while I got tired from swimming and I have decided to rest a little.

clash royale android

I took my phone and started looking for some games to pass my time while my girlfriend played volleyball. I have found this amazing special hit game called Clash Royale and downloaded it from android market. This game was amazing and the time just flew. I have played this game for a couple of hours and I have learned the basics. But to really advance in this game for android you need gems, and lots of them. Of course the easiest way is to buy gems, but why spend money when you could try to use some cheats. I have started browsing for some gem hack tools and soon I have found what I was looking for. It works great for this game and I love it. I used it for one hour and I have ranked up in this new special game very fast in the last hour. When my girlfriend finished playing volleyball we went back home. It was time for dinner after a long day at the beach.

clash royale gameplay

Again, I used hacking software to get a lot of free games. I was playing this game all the time. On my way to the work, when I was eating and when I was at the beach. Soon my girlfriend was a little angry at me because I spend more time playing Clash Royale then I spent it with her. At first she was interested to learn more about this game because it was so interesting to me. I showed her the basics, but after a while she got bored with this game. I played it for a couple of hours every day and I used the gem hack software to advance in this game faster. One day my girlfriend talked to me and she said that I am spending too much time playing Clash Royale and that I miss her. I was thinking, my girlfriend means so much to me and why should I continue playing this game if that makes her unhappy. I have decided to sell my Clash Royale account and I got payed really good. I bought my girlfriend a present and she loved it. She asked me where did I get this money and I told her about this game and an online generator that I used to get a lot of free gems for clash royale. She loved the idea that I gave up my account in Clash Royale to buy her some present and she was very happy. So for all of you gamers out there, if you are playing this game don’t forget to use this amazing hacking software that really works and get a lot of free games. Who knows, maybe one day you could become one of the best players out there.

March 17, 2016

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Browser games for kids


Never before we have not more browsers games then today. Do you know why is that? We do not know to, but maybe we can find answer in one obviously thing – Players, mostly younger players likes a lot browsers games, because they are so fun and they do not have to even download and install them. Today, one of the most popular game is OurWorld.


ourworld game
We can surely say that if you have never heard about this game, that you even do not play games and you are not gamer! Probably you will ask your self how is that possible?! Easy, every social media is talking and going crazy about that game and you never heard about it? Kids would like to say – LOL! If you never heard about that game, go and see what it looks like. You have facebook, probably twitter and all that stuff, and gamers have a few accounts on forums for games and so on. So we will give you a few tips:

Create your account on some forum

Hit “Like” thumb on some social medias pages related for games


That is all, you are already social and you will never miss some new game and now you are on half a way to become a real true gamer. Is not that good? Do not you fell some “cool” thing inside of your self when you are becoming a part of gamer community? Yeah, we do agree with you, because we know what is that feel like.


Let is go back on game that we are talking about here. That game is browser RolePlay game – game where you can do stuff like in real life, but it is online and you communicate with real people, but via PC – and that game is called OurWorld ! There you can do a lot of things, especaily real life things, like going on party, having a girl or making some friends, sharing your thing with other, giving things to other and so on.
Before we wrote this article, we give a shot and we have played that game for a few days to see how it looks like and what is feeling when you are playing it.

ourworld game


Do you know what is answer? It is very good when you can interact with other people and do all that stuff online. We did not play it for 24 hours per day, but it was awesome when we have played it. But people are not good there, sometimes, they just want to get your things – to give them something – and they are like some bankars in real life – give me that! – but it is not so bad. One players – we will not tell you his name! – came to us and asked us if we are new there, we confirmed that and he explaind to us what we have to do and invited us to his birthday party so we accepted it. It was very strange to having party there, because we did not know what we will do, but we have played some games there and we were dancing, then we flerted – flerted man! – with some girls – do not worry, we asked them for years and it was okay, we will not go to the jail.
So, if you like browsers games and especialy you like games with RolePlay stuff, this game OurWorld  is 100% created for you and you will enjoy in it. One tip from us, for all of you that you are planning to start with playing this game – invite some of your friends to play with you, it will be more funnier and you will not be alone on the beginning, because you have someone who knows you, who will help you at beginning and later you will met a lot of people and make some good friendships with them. Who knows, maybe you find online girlfriend, like other players did and they are having fun with them. One guy met girl there and that decided to see each other in real life, so they became a partners in real life and in game, what is very cool, but that is for other story, not for this! If you want to have even more fun,then you should maybe conside trying ourworld gem codes! I heard that website I just linked it amazing.


We will make some great posts very soon,so keep following us for more great info!

January 18, 2016

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Welcome to – News from gaming world

This is my first post,and I would like to take this chance to welcome you all on my blog. I will try to make this blog about gaming and gaming only. There are a lot of websites that are doing reviews and promotion just to get more visitors but that is not my goal. My goal is to do fun stuff,I want to make reader happy when he is reading my article. I want him to forget his own problems,to get into new world that will be much better then real one. Because after all,that is goal,to have fun. You don’t play games just because of some unknown reasons. You are playing them to have fun,to enjoy,to experience something you can’t in your own life,because in games you can do whatever you what,while you can’t in real life…


So what is my blog going to be about? Games. Gaming news. Apps. Mobile gaming. Anything related to gaming that is interesting! But I really want to hear what do you think about this? Do you have any ideas? I would really like if we can do this together.


I don’t know what else to write,I am out of ideas for now,but here is picture of cool computer.

Cool computer


Don’t you wish you had this beast of computer?? I have something similar 😉 For more ideas feel free to post some comment!

January 3, 2016

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